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An Outpouring of Generosity

A column from our President & CEO Deborah DiCroce and Board Chair Sharon Goodwyn in our 2022 Annual Report. Read the full report here.

For the first time since its founding in 1950, the Foundation’s asset base reached the half-billion dollar mark coming in at $532 million. Annual giving also set a new record at $49 million, as did our 589 established funds and 299 Legacy Society members. And our grantmaking program topped over $20 million in grants and scholarship awards—which, while not a record, reflects a significant increase in grant awards to Black-led nonprofits and equity-focused projects.

The year also brought to life three highly customized funds for Dollar Tree, Facebook, and Norfolk Southern to meet their unique philanthropic needs. This experience, in turn, helped us understand the nuance of corporate giving and its implications for our giving products and services.

Of course, such results would not have been possible without the continued generosity of people from all walks of life who entrust the community foundation to do good in their name and, in so doing, to help make life better in Hampton Roads. Indeed, day in and day out, people like you give their time, talent, and treasure to help build a thriving community with opportunity for all.

In this report, we celebrate the power of philanthropy through the stories of our donors, nonprofit and corporate partners, and grant and scholarship recipients. You will read how the late Kurt Rosenbach’s experience with Nazism in Germany in the 1930s shaped the “giving back” that drove his and his late wife’s philanthropy. You will read why Kevin and Wanda Turpin have themselves “always been givers” and how that giving led to their founding of a children’s literacy program which the Foundation helped fund. You will read about Ellis Pretlow, a successful attorney and member of our Professional Advisors Committee, who is following in the footsteps of her mother and her “very famous” Tipsy Cake. You will read how David Landsberger, a donor-advised fundholder, helps seniors, children, and families on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

These four stories, and the powerful others that comprise the 2022 Annual Report, bring to life the work of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation and the philanthropy of forward-thinking individuals who fuel it.

Time, Talent, and Treasure. They are the driving force of a thriving community and its community foundation.

Read our 2022 Annual Report here.

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