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The web-based Planned Giving Calculator can help you determine the potential charitable deductions for a variety of planned gifts. For more detailed calculations, however, contact Kay Stine, vice president for development, at (757) 622-7951 or

Transferring IRA assets to Hampton Roads Community Foundation

To roll over funds from an Individual Retirement Account, the client should request that the IRA's administrator make a distribution to the Hampton Roads Community Foundation. (If your client is taking advantage of the Charitable IRA Rollover, he or she can transfer up to $100,000.)

Three options for the transfer

  1. The IRA administrator may mail a check to the Hampton Roads Community Foundation. The check must be payable to "Hampton Roads Community Foundation". On the memo line, the administrator should add the client's name, the purpose of the gift (e.g. "establish the Smith Scholarship Fund"), and that the transfer is a distribution from the client's IRA – or add a note to that effect. The plan administrator can mail the check to: Lynn Watson Neumann, general counsel and senior director of gift planning, Hampton Roads Community Foundation, 101 W. Main Street, Suite 4500, Norfolk, Virginia 23510. Please let us know the gift is coming by calling (757) 622-7951 or emailing Lynn at

  2. The IRA administrator can make the check payable to "Hampton Roads Community Foundation" but deliver it to the client. He or she then can then mail the check (as above) or we can arrange a meeting to receive it.

  3. The IRA administrator can make a cash wire transfer from the account directly to the community foundation. He or she should email Kay Stine, vice president for development, or call (757) 622-7951 for details.

If you have questions, please email Kay A. Stine or Lynn Watson Neumann. You can also call them at (757) 622-7951.

Here's a sample letter to send to the IRA plan administrator, if it's not you, to request a charitable transfer.

Your Client Situation Possible Solution
Wants to avoid an immediate capital gain tax Your client owns a rental house that provides income, but it is becoming too much work. Donating the rental property to create a charitable remainder trust will secure lifetime income and eliminate capital gains taxes. Your client can receive a tax deduction and create a permanent, fund to provide scholarships, support special charities or fulfill other charitable goals.
Is concerned about taxes Your client worries about paying capital gains taxes on appreciated property. Donating the property to a nonprofit like ours will eliminate or reduce capital gains taxes and give your client the satisfaction of creating a permanent, charitable fund.
Wishes to leave a lasting legacy Your client has a retirement fund and worries about heirs receiving only 20 or 30 cents on the dollar. Naming the Foundation as the beneficiary of an Individual Retirement Account or other retirement fund lets your client to create a charitable fund, reduce estate tax and eliminate income tax on the IRA distribution.
Wants to help a specific individual Your client has a relative or friend he or she wants to help financially. If your client is 60 years or older, a charitable gift annuity can provide income for life for himself and one other person. After deaths of both people, the remainder of the annuity will support a favorite charity or cause selected by the donor.
Wants to be charitable but is unsure where to give right now Your client may have many charitable interests or anticipate receiving additional income this year and needs time to figure out where to make donations. Starting a donor advised fund at the Foundation will secure tax deductions for the current year and allow time to choose the charitable recipients. Our staff can help your client explore different charitable ideas.

Useful web-based resources

  • The Chronicle of Philanthropy - Accurately bills itself as the newspaper of the nonprofit world. It covers virtually all the issues of the philanthropic sector on a biweekly basis. We like the paper version, but the website is pretty impressive and includes a searchable database.

Community Foundations of Virginia - Essential information about all 27 community foundations in VirginiaCouncil on Foundations - The national association of charitable foundationsDorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy - Conducts research and has training related to philanthropy, particularly family philanthropy.Foundation Center - Maintains the most extensive database (other than the IRS) of foundations of all types in the United States, but requires payment for some of its services.Giving USA - Usually offers the latest and most comprehensive data and information on charitable giving trendsLilly Family Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University - One of just a few academic centers studying, researching, and training people for careers in philanthropyNational Center for Family Philanthropy - An informative gathering place for philanthropic families and their advisors; it requires a membership to explore the entire - A database of publications, digital texts and websites and one of the best locations for research on issues in multicultural philanthropy. It is produced by the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.Southeastern Council of Foundations - The regional association to which we belong; serves all of the southeastern United States