Current Fundholders

You're part of something big: Hampton Roads

Thank you! We cannot repeat those words often enough to you as our partner in philanthropy.


Buzzy and Helen Schulwolf Fund for Smith Scholars

I regard myself as a charitable person," Schulwolf says. "But it struck me that I never had the opportunity before to give to a charity that had directly benefited me."

As a fundholder at Hampton Roads Community Foundation, you are part of an extraordinary group of generous people committed to our region's future.

You may make possible scholarships for college students or guarantee annual support to your favorite museum or human service agency. Or, you may have laid the groundwork to forever help solve important issues you can't even imagine today.

That's very special.

In return, we want to remind you of some of the benefits that come with your community foundation fund:

  • Invitations to special events
  • Fund Xpress 24/7 online access to your fund balances, online grant recommendation forms, and grantmaking history (for donor-advised and organizational fund holders)
  • Guidance from our knowledgeable and helpful staff
  • Collaborative grantmaking opportunities
  • Regular fund updates
  • A host of philanthropic resources

You can expect personalized service and advice from Leigh Evans Davis, MBA, vice president for donor engagement, and Vivian Oden, MPA, vice president for equity and inclusion, as well as Jillian Pruitt, donor services associate. Leigh, Vivian and Jillian know as much about the issues and nonprofits in Hampton Roads as anyone you will meet. They have a combined 35+ years at the community foundation under their belts -- working with nonprofits and grant recipients as well as donors.

Here are a few examples of ways Leigh and Vivian have helped donors:

  • Research opportunities. For one family an area of interest is helping prevent and end homelessness. Our staff linked the donors with Project Homeless Connect, which brings hundreds of homeless people together for medical checkups, eyeglasses, ID cards, haircuts and social services. Grants from this family's fund helped start this worthwhile program.
  • Handle the grant process. One donor fondly remembers bonding with his father during Little League baseball games as a kid. Today through his donor-advised fund, he supports area youth baseball and softball. Every year, our staff helps promote the grants to area sports leagues, collects applications and does due diligence on them. After the donor has made his recommendations, we send grant checks to happy recipients.
  • Remain anonymous. A donor wanted to anonymously support end-of-life needs. We found an area children’s hospice with an annual holiday party but not enough money to buy all the gifts requested. So, we introduced our donor to the nonprofit and made a grant without revealing the donor. The hospice was delighted to have every wish fulfilled.

We are happy to assist you: Perhaps you need a review of the animal welfare needs, tours of senior assistance programs, advice on successor advisors or identifying other donors with shared interests. Whatever you need, Leigh and Vivian are here to help.