Start a New Fund

You've been successful once;
do it again!

We're glad to see you back! You likely already have a charitable fund or plans for a future bequest, and we appreciate that.


Margot Barnhardt: Creator of four endowed funds

Retired nurse Margot Barnhardt has started four separate endowed funds in memory of family and in honor of a friend. "I like sharing what I have. It's fun," she says.

You now may have an idea for a new fund -- to provide scholarships or grants for your favorite nonprofits. Or maybe you want to start a donor-advised fund with your children as successors. A field-of-interest fund for causes you care deeply about is a possibility as is an unrestricted fund that will let you forever help an array of nonprofits doing great work in our region.

Whatever your reason, only good will come from your generous second act.

You probably remember the steps

If not, here's a quick recap of how to start a new fund:

  1. Choose which type of fund you want. Scrolling through the list of current funds will help give you ideas.
  2. Decide whether you want to start the fund now or through your estate plan (you may want to include your professional advisor and/or us in the discussion).
  3. Decide the type of asset you want to donate (some are more advisable than others).
  4. Complete the appropriate paperwork for your chosen fund type:
  5. Work with us to transfer assets with a minimum value of $25,000.

If you want a "refresher course", visit the Giving Your Way section of the website.

Have an idea for a different type of fund?

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