Why Work with Hampton Roads Community Foundation

Helping people be charitable

The Hampton Roads Community Foundation has a lot in common with professional advisors. We both care deeply about helping charitable people make great decisions, and we value the trust others place in us.


Your Will Says a Lot About You

Life was good to Lin and Ethel Mason, and the Norfolk restaurant owners found a way to return the favor – leaving a bequest that will forever benefit people in Hampton Roads.

Your client may come to you with any number of situations that might benefit from a charitable component: trusts, wills, equity trades or selling ownership shares, for example.

Here are a few ways the community foundation can be of use:

  • Hampton Roads Community Foundation is a nonprofit, not affiliated with any cause, issue or nonprofit. We help your client reach his or her philanthropic goals, not ours.
  • Our services are free to you and your client. We don't charge for meetings, research or paperwork except under extraordinary circumstances. Once your client establishes a fund, he or she receives the maximum tax benefit permitted by law. Only when the fund is created does the community foundation assess the fund – not your client – a modest annual fee to cover expenses such as grants, public reporting and administration.
  • Lots of choices. Your client has many options, ranging from active annual giving to planning future gifts. We offer six types of funds to choose from, as well as creative ways to give, whether a fundholder or not.
  • Multiple lifetime planning instruments. We can handle CRTs, CRUTs, IRAs, life insurance policies and gifts of real estate. The result always meets your client's charitable goals, not ours.
  • We're in no hurry. We can talk with you and/or your client for years, at no charge to anyone. And, if your client is planning a bequest, he or she can enroll in the community foundation's Legacy Society now.
  • Confidentiality. We respect confidentiality. We can help your client remain completely anonymous now and forever.
  • The community foundation isn't going anywhere. We have been working with charitable people, advisors and nonprofits since 1950. Thanks to our mission of serving Hampton Roads and our underlying endowment, the Hampton Roads Community Foundation will be around for a very long time.

We also offer you some professional benefits:

We will be great partners.

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