Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Thanks to a $1 million Facebook award, we have launched the Black Community Partnership Fund for Black nonprofits. Learn more here.

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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As part of its five-year strategic roadmap, the Hampton Roads Community Foundation began focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion in 2018. Initially focused on racial equity, we have established four goals:

  1. Ensure that the community foundation’s commitment to racial equity informs our work, including our internal policies and practices, engagement with residents and community partners, and investments in communities.
  2. Better align the community foundation’s grantmaking and scholarship programs with our goals for racially equitable outcomes across the region.
  3. Facilitate courageous community-wide conversations about both the history of racism and opportunities for racial equity and healing in Hampton Roads.
  4. Provide leadership through collaborative action to address systemic racism in the region.

New in 2021: Gathering racial ethnic info on competitive grant applications

As a part of our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, the community foundation will begin asking nonprofits seeking our grants to share their organization's racial ethnic data. This information provides a more comprehensive picture of our community, who we help, and opportunities for support.

On your grant application, share with us the percentage of People of Color in:

  • Executive leadership
  • Staff leadership
  • Board of Directors
  • Population served

People of Color refers to those who identify as non-White, including individuals who identify as Native American, Indigenous, Black, African American, Hispanic, Latinx, Middle Eastern, Asian, Pacific Islander.

Find our grant information here.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in Hampton Roads philanthropy

Learn more about race and the history of race through Unmasking Hampton Roads, a community forum co-sponsored by the community foundation. There, you also will find racial equity resources.