Undergraduate Scholarships


Dr. Milton R. Liverman Scholarship

Former Suffolk Public Schools superintendent, Dr. Milton Liverman, will forever help Suffolk students pay for college thanks to a scholarship fund his wife Shirley established in his name.

Congratulations! You're headed into the next exciting phase of your life. We hope we can make your college education less costly for you.

Charitable people across Hampton Roads have helped students pay for college through the Hampton Roads Community Foundation since 1950. Thanks to their generosity, we've been able to distribute more than $22 million in total scholarships, more than $1.6 million for the 2023-24 school year alone. We are southeastern Virginia's largest scholarship provider.

Here are examples from the scholarships we administer that reflect the interest of their donors:

  • The J. Robert and Ettie Fearing Cunningham Memorial Scholarship started in 1992 as an estate gift from Ettie, a former Blair Middle School math teacher from Norfolk. Her scholarship has a preference for Norfolk students or those from the region planning to make education their careers.
  • The Helen Murphy Addington Scholarship was started in 1986 by Helen's children to celebrate the 70th anniversary of her graduation from Maury High School in Norfolk. Helen never got to attend college but her scholarship for female Maury graduates has given many others opportunities Helen never had.
  • The D.A. Taylor Memorial Scholarship was created in 2006 by friends of outstanding scholar athlete D.A. Taylor, who died in 1995 of an illness at age 16. His scholarship is for South Hampton Roads students with strong leadership skills and academic abilities who exhibit the overall excellence that D.A. displayed.

If we're able to grant you a scholarship, you'll join the 400 students each year who benefit from scholarships provided by one of our donors. And, most scholarships are renewable for up to four years of undergraduate study.

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Good luck!