Starting an Organizational Fund

Preserve and grow your nonprofit's endowment

Why invest your endowment dollars through the Hampton Roads Community Foundation?

Perhaps your organization has received a generous bequest or gift from a supporter. Or, maybe it has been focused on setting aside money to invest for the future. If so, starting an organizational fund at the Hampton Roads Community Foundation will enable your endowment to grow over time while providing grants each year to help in your work.

We have helped nonprofits in southeastern Virginia with their endowments since 1991. Currently we manage endowments for more than 40 area agencies, including the Feldman Chamber Music Society, Beach Health Clinic, ForKids Inc., Hope House, Rotary Club of Norfolk, Sugar Plum Bakery and the Virginia Arts Festival. Click here and look under Organizational Endowments to see what nonprofits partner with us to manage their funds.

Advantages to having an organizational fund

An endowment is a permanent "savings account" from which your nonprofit withdraw just enough money every year. Available for your nonprofit to use is 4-1/2% of the endowment value calculated over 12 trailing quarters. This ensures your endowment grows as it provides your organization with annual payments that last forever. Guaranteed income gives peace of mind about the present and some breathing space to plan for the future.

An organizational endowment has benefits

  • Your endowment dollars will be invested in a larger pool through our partnership with Spider Management, affiliated with University of Richmond. Your endowment will be part of a diversified portfolio designed to grow over time while weathering the stock market's ups and downs.
  • Your organization have the option to request an annual distribution while not worrying about paperwork and reporting since we handle that for you.
  • You have 24-hour access to your fund balance and other details via our online system.

Your nonprofit can start an organizational endowments with a minimum of $25,000. For details visit Organizational Funds in our Giving Your Way section. Click here for a flier on Organizational Funds.

See a list of our Organizational Funds