Fees assessed to charitable funds

Except in rare cases, you will never pay any costs to the Hampton Roads Community Foundation for its services. Not for meetings, not for documents, not for financial transfers, and not for other services you may receive for decades.

Instead, we annually assess modest administrative and investment fees to the charitable fund you establish. This happens only after you have received the full charitable deduction you are permitted under law -- just like any other gift you give to a nonprofit.

Rest assured that we will regularly administer your fund according to the guidelines agreed upon with you. When appropriate, we will issue requests for applications, review grant or scholarship requests, assemble committees, review donor-advised grant recommendations, audit all funds, manage all investments, file necessary paperwork, report to fund holders, send checks to grantees or colleges for scholarship recipients and take care of IRS filings.

Current fees, by fund

Fees are based on the type of fund. The percentages shown below are applied to a fund's trailing 12-quarter average asset value calculated as of September 30 of the prior year.

Fund Type Fee

Unrestricted Fund 1.10%

Field of Interest Fund 1.10%

Designated Fund 1%

Permanent Organizational Fund .75%

Scholarship Fund 1.50%

Current Use Fund* 2% plus investment earnings

Endowed Donor-advised Funds

  • Up to $1 million 1%
  • $1 million to $4,999,999 .65%
  • $5 million+ .50%

Supporting Organizations

  • $2.5-10 million .75% to .50% (plus direct costs)
  • $10-25 million .50% to .35% (plus direct costs)
  • $25 million + .35% to .15% (plus direct costs)

*A flat, per-grant fee on grants to charitable organizations outside the United States may be charged to current use funds, which are pass-through funds.

Note: In cases where special services may require direct costs to us, your fund will provide reimbursement in addition to the annual contribution made for general support.

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