Annual Legacy Society Lunch Celebrates Those Who Leave a Bequest

Each year, we celebrate the members of our Legacy Society at a special lunch.
The Norfolk Botanical Garden hosted this year's event near the fragrant Rose Garden bursting with blooms. Guests enjoyed a guided tram tour. Clay Dills, the architect behind the incredible Garden of Tomorrow area currently under construction and a recipient of the Foundation's Spigel Architecture Scholarship, joined the group.
Legacy Society members channel their generosity into planning future charitable gifts through their wills, trusts, life insurance policies or annuities.
The Society began in 2002 with 25 people, and it has blossomed into a group of 330 partners intent on paying it forward and leaving our world just a little bit better than it was.
Their generosity lives on through support for their personal areas of interest, aiding a wide range of nonprofits that help our region thrive, now and for generations to come.
Thank you to the members of our Legacy Society, both current members and past members who live forever through their philanthropy. Click here to learn more about Legacy Society membership.

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