Arts groups are struggling during COVID-19. Here's how we're helping.

With performances canceled due to COVID-19, many local arts groups are struggling to stay afloat. Special events, which help bring in funds for groups, have been scaled back due to restrictions on gatherings.

The arts groups play a critical role in the vibrancy of our community. To that end, the Hampton Roads Community Foundation has provided COVID-19 Recovery grants to help sustain these important institutions.

Through a grant application process, the Hampton Roads Community Foundation provided COVID-19 Recovery funding for the following groups in September 2020.

Arts & Cultural Organizations, Community Anchor Arts Groups: $175,000 was awarded to six organizations in June. They are:

  • Chrysler Museum of Art, $36,000
  • Virginia Arts Festival, $36,000
  • VA Museum of Contemporary Art, $22,500
  • Virginia Opera, $24,000
  • Virginia Stage Company, $22,500
  • Virginia Symphony Orchestra, $34,000

Arts & Cultural Organizations, Small and Mid-sized Arts Groups: $150,000 was awarded to 26 organizations in September. They are:

  • Norfolk Chamber Consort, $1,000
  • Academy of Music, $2,000
  • Virginia Beach Chorale, $2,000
  • Virginia Beach Art Center, $3,000
  • Zeiders American Dream Theater, $3,000
  • Tidewater Winds, $4,000
  • The Muse Writers Center, $4,000
  • ViBe District Virginia Beach, $4,000
  • Portsmouth Community Concerts, Inc., $4,000
  • I. Sherman Greene Chorale, Inc., $4,000
  • Isle of Wight Arts League, $4,500
  • The Hermitage Museum and Gardens, $5,000
  • Bay Youth Orchestras of Virginia, $5,000
  • Virginia Children's Chorus, $5,000
  • Virginia Musical Theatre, Inc., $5,000
  • d'Art Center, $5,500
  • Todd Rosenlieb Dance, $6,000
  • Tidewater Arts Outreach, $6,000
  • Little Theatre of Norfolk, $6,000
  • Little Theatre of Virginia Beach, $6,000
  • Virginia African American Cultural Center, $8,000
  • Council of United Filipino Organizations of Tidewater, Inc., $10,000
  • Mosaic Steel Orchestra, $10,000
  • The Hurrah Players, Inc., $10,000
  • Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts, $12,000
  • Arts for Learning, the Virginia Affiliate of Young Audiences, $15,000

Learn more about our response to COVID-19 here.

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