Follow these steps to increase your chances for program and seed funding

Are you working on a grant application? Do you need tips on how to improve your chances of getting funded?

Steps to Increase Your Changes for Funding

If you are like many nonprofits seeking to increase your chances for program & seed funding, then follow these steps:

  • Demonstrate that the project is a strong fit with your organization’s mission and is aligned with a board-adopted strategic plan.
  • Demonstrate your nonprofit’s organizational and programmatic expertise and experience necessary to accomplish the project
  • Have a track record of providing effective programs to your target population
  • Have a history of strong financial management
  • Have a structured business plan for ongoing financial and community support to ensure the continuation of the program
  • Bring new strategies to bear on the need, particularly in the area of re-orienting traditional service approaches to more fully engage clients in the program
  • Have a program that is proven effective through a research methodology within the target population
  • Not duplicate approaches already in place within South Hampton Roads
  • Include clearly stated goals, timeline, logic model and measurable knowledge, skill and/or behavioral outcomes
  • Be able to measure the program’s effectiveness in achieving its stated objective
  • Include a viable and effective component to measure interim and long-term program outcomes. (These outcomes should be tied to identified indicators within the field of service and others noted as of particular interest to us.)
  • Seek to creatively collaborate and cooperate with other organizations or agencies

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