Twin Sisters, twin dreams

As twin sisters, Brianna and Brittany Charity have spent their 18 years of life together.

They have worked together. Shared a room. Graduated high school with honors. Now, they are the first ones in their family to attend college.

Thanks to the $4,000 scholarship each received from the Hampton Roads Community Foundation, the sisters can attend Norfolk State University with less financial strain.

Their scholarships come from the Hampton Roads Spartan Scholarship Fund, which is for local students attending Norfolk State University. Both are majoring in elementary education and want to become teachers.

“We love to nurture young minds and teach them new things,” Brianna said.

While in high school, both sisters worked with youth programs at local recreation centers. As college students, both work in an early learning center on Norfolk State’s campus. As identical twins, it is often hard for people to tell them apart. But not for everyone.

“The kids, they know the difference,” Brianna said smiling.

And, who’s the oldest?

“Me, by one minute,” Brittany said laughing.

“Well, I’m taller,” Brianna responded.

Once the sisters graduate, they plan to stay in Hampton Roads to teach.

“It would be cool if we could teach at the same school." Brittany Charity

The stakes are high for the twins who want to pave the way to college for other relatives and friends.

Brianna said, “Our mindset has just always been…”

“…to strive for the best,” said Brittany finishing her sister’s sentence.

“Yes when we get C’s, we cry. Even a B minus,” Brittany added, referring to their grades.

“When I got my first C in the seventh grade, I just sat there and I just cried,” Brianna said.

Both graduated from Maury High School in Norfolk as honor students. The sisters both finished their first semester at Norfolk State with a 3.9 grade point average on a 4.0 scale.

They work hard in order to reach their goals and to thank their families and community for investing in their success.

“We hope to make you proud." Brianna Charity
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