Checking In: Smith Scholars Give Thanks

As scholars wrapped up their medical school studies, they paused to reflect and express gratitude before heading off to their residencies.

Scott Huang
Scott Huang

Scott Huang

Residency and Specialty: VCU in Emergency Medicine

Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University

What would you have done without the Smith Scholarship?

The Florence L. Smith Scholarship made a huge impact on my life. It allowed me financial flexibility during one of the most stressful times of my life. Without the scholarship, I would have had to take out a substantial amount of student loans to make it happen. The award helped me achieve my goals while relieving a huge burden on my life. I am forever grateful.

Nicole Byram
Nicole Byram

Nicole Byram

Medical School: University of Virginia

Residency and Specialty: University of Virginia, Pediatrics

How has the Smith Scholarship affected your career plans?

I am currently a pediatric resident at the University of Virginia with plans to practice primary care pediatrics when I complete my residency. Pursuing a career in medicine has significant costs, both financially and emotionally, though it is a very rewarding way to spend my life. I am very grateful for this scholarship that alleviated financial stresses during medical school, allowing me to focus more on my education. Graduating with less debt was certainly beneficial to my financial situation both during and after medical school. I am thankful for the legacy of Florence Smith and how it impacted my educational journey.

Dustin Wessells
Dustin Wessells

Dustin Wessells

Residency and Specialty: Internal Medicine at NYP Weill Cornell

Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University

How did the Smith Scholarship help?

Without the Smith Scholarship, I would have taken out more loans, but now I have a lot more financial freedom to enjoy life as much as possible as a resident and save for the future. My parents were not able to contribute to my tuition, so this made a huge difference in my total tuition costs. I am extremely grateful to not have the feeling that my loans are tying me down financially like so many other of my classmates.

Current Smith Scholars

The Smith Scholarship helps students of all backgrounds attend medical school in Virginia. This year, the scholarship is supporting the following students:

Punit Barot, VCU School of Medicine

Kyle Cicalese, VCU School of Medicine

Veronica Gray, Eastern Virginia Medical School

Jasmine Malhi, University of Virginia School of Medicine

Michael Salomon, University of Virginia School of Medicine

Sarah Sebastian, University of Virginia School of Medicine

Jordan Tyrrell, Eastern Virginia Medical School
Daniel Van Orman, VCU School of Medicine

Andrew Vipperman, University of Virginia School of Medicine

Katherine Webb, VCU School of Medicine

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