Featured Donor-Advised Fund: Robert Nusbaum and Linda Laibstain Fund

Attorneys Linda Laibstain and Bob Nusbaum know there are many values to having a family donor-advised fund that lets them be active philanthropists.

Attorneys Bob Nusbaum and Linda Laibstain grew up in Hampton Roads in families that valued community service and generosity. The Norfolk couple who work with Williams Mullen PC created a donor-advised fund at the Hampton Roads Community Foundation in 2014. They wanted the flexibility to recommend grants to specific nonprofits whose work resonates with them.

"Working in estate planning and administration I saw the virtues of having a family fund," Bob Nusbaum

"We know our money will be well taken care of over the years," Bob Nusbaum says.

Both Linda and Bob been involved in organizations that include the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore, Sugar Plum Bakery, the Hermitage Museum and Foundation, Norfolk State University, Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Virginia, YWCA of South Hampton Roads and Virginia Wesleyan College. They like being active philanthropists able to recommend grants to an array of nonprofits.

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