Plane Crash Leads to Purpose-Driven Giving for David Landsberger

In 1989, David Landsberger boarded United Flight 232 in Denver. On the way to Chicago, the plane crash-landed due to engine failure and loss of hydraulics.

More than 100 people were killed.

Landsberger was among 184 survivors. The experience changed his outlook on life and stirred his passion for helping others in need.

Ever since then, Landsberger has been determined to give back to help people on the Eastern Shore in Chincoteague and beyond.

Philanthropy is an opportunity to share your time, talent, treasure, and testimony with others in need. Landsberger channeled his traumatic experience into a powerful story of service and giving. In doing so, he has made our region a better place.

What impact do you want to make?

Here are some ideas about how to give back.

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