7 Reasons Why Advisors Should Ask Clients About Charitable Giving

People want to invest generously in the causes they care about. Figuring out where to start, though, can be complicated.

Based on a study by U.S. Trust and the Philanthropic Initiative, here are seven reasons why professional advisors should ask clients about their charitable giving plans:

1. Proper tax and estate planning can help clients reduce taxes and protect wealth.

2. Clients believe advisors who incorporate philanthropy in planning have a more holistic approach.

3. Being known as an advisor who understands philanthropy increases your credibility and reputation.

4. Advisors who ask about giving priorities and goals are seen as having a deeper connection with clients and will maintain that with a surviving spouse.

5. Advisors who talk about philanthropy often get more referrals from clients.

6. Charities who see advisors as philanthropic partners are more likely to refer high net worth donors to them.

7. Advisors are neutral partners who create a safe space to discuss assets and gifts. Working with a community foundation reinforces that neutrality and commitment to community.

Starting a charitable fund at the community foundation is easy. Learn about the meaningful ways the Foundation can help generous people make smart, charitable choices.

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