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Scholarship Spotlight: Smith Scholars Are Outstanding Physicians

Through the generous support of our donors, Hampton Roads Community Foundation offers over 70 different college scholarships for undergraduate, graduate and medical school students. Today we invite you to learn more about our Smith Scholars:


In 1952, Florence Smith left the Hampton Roads Community Foundation approximately $400,000 through her estate to create a scholarship to help Virginians attend medical school. Smith’s father, Dr. Hy Smith, was a Civil War surgeon and treated Yellow Fever victims before opening a practice in Norfolk.


Smith Scholars must be long-time Virginia residents who are attending or have attended medical school in Virginia to earn a M.D. degree from Eastern Virginia Medical School, University of Virginia School of Medicine, or Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine.


Since 1953 when the first Smith scholarships were awarded:

  • More than $2.5 million in Smith scholarships have been awarded.
  • 750+ physicians received a Smith scholarship, including 15 current medical students. Most recipients have the scholarship for four years.
  • Many Smith Scholars have gone on to distinguished careers in medicine that have truly impacted their communities for the better. Many have been the presidents of local, state and national professional societies. Among their past honors are
    1. National Young Internist of the Year
    2. Chief aerospace medicine for the Air National Guard
    3. Virginia Physician of the Year
    4. CEO of the Virginia Department of Health
    5. Commander of the form Walter Reed Army Hospital

Scholarships are awarded through a competitive process based on established criteria, interested physicians and medical students are encouraged to learn more and apply. December 1 is when applications for 2017-18 scholarships are available.

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