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Welcome: Communities In Schools launches new organizational endowment

CIS Executive Director Hope Sinclair met with Kay Stine, our VP for development, to finalize the agreement.

Welcome, Communities In Schools of Hampton Roads!

The nonprofit recently established a significant organizational endowment at the community foundation.
Organizational funds
help nonprofits plan for the future by building permanent financial resources that will provide a steady flow of income to your organization.

The mission of Communities In Schools is “To surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.”

Last year, the local branch of this national nonprofit was able to help 13, 621 across 19 area schools, according to its website. CIS did this with the help of more than 110 community partners.

For example, the nonprofit helps students who are struggling to graduate from high school by providing critical resources and support to increase students' success in school and in life. This includes connecting young people with academic and health resources, teaching them life skills, using behavioral interventions, and providing college and career prep.


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