Giving Your Way

Charitable Giving: A Family Affair

For the Taylors, starting a donor-advised fund lets them involve their children while "marshaling resources for the community.”

Are you exploring your charitable options?

Do you have a passion for enhancing the arts, helping animals, improving education, or helping people in need?

Perhaps you want to forever support your favorite nonprofit or place of worship or help students go to college.

We can help you do all that ... and more. Meet with our charitable giving experts to learn more.

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Since 1950, charitable people have entrusted us with their hopes for southeastern Virginia and its people. You can read inspiring stories throughout this website. Or visit all the causes they've supported for the past 69 years. Click here for a quick fact sheet about us.

Never a direct cost to you

Not sure what a community foundation does?

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For all its services, the Hampton Roads Community Foundation will never charge you anything. You receive a charitable tax break when you donate funds. From that point on, your community foundation assesses your fund a modest annual management fee, but not you. See our fees information for details.

We bring regional knowledge and tax-wise expertise

You've been making charitable donations for years so why do you need the Hampton Roads Community Foundation? We might make sense for you if:

  • You'd like a charitable partner who knows virtually everything about the Hampton Roads nonprofit sector from the environment to humane animal care.
  • You prefer someone else to handle all the details of grants, acknowledgments and accounting.
  • Your tax advisor says you would benefit from making a large charitable gift.
  • You want to establish an endowment to help your favorite organizations or causes forever.
  • You wish to decide your charitable estate plans now, even if they won't be executed for years.

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