Community Leadership Partners

Aimee and Frank Batten

Elena and Gary Baum

Donna Bausch

Claire and David Benjack

Lilly and Bruce Bradley

Joan Brock

Mackenzie and Aaron Brunson

Nicole and Chris Bugg

Audra Bullock and Richard Litton

Meg and Bill Campbell

Susan and Norman Colpitts

Denyce and Jim Corzatt

Cara Cotter

Kim and Keith Curtis

Susanna and John Dellinger

Maria and Matt Echaniz

Ellen and Doug Ellis

Janet and Johnny Ellis

Maggie and Connor Fanney

Barbara and Andrew Fine

Blair and Mike Fine

Jan and Morris Fine

Kim and Carlton Forbes

Dianne and Tom Frantz

Rusty Friddell

Theresa Garber

Bern Glasser

Dawn Glynn

Sharon and Bernard Goodwyn

Stephanie Gorham

Lynanne Gornto

Anjali and Joseph Gresens

Debra and Ray Gromelski

Stuart Hawkins

Jennifer and Burr Henderson IV

Susan and Paul Hirschbiel

Jo Ann and Buzzy Hofheimer

Patti and Tom Host

Susan Hume

Nita and Akhil Jain

Raj Jain

Elena Bohn and Steven Jones

Kirkland Kelley

Sheila Kilpatrick

Jinal and Pratik Kothari

Harry Laibstain

David Landsberger

Sarah Larkin

Christopher LaRocca

Stephen Leaman

Sandra and Miles Leon

Terry and John Lynch

Kindall and Lamont Maddox

Harriet and John Malbon

Suzanne and Vince Mastracco

Patt and Colin McKinnon

Barbra and John Midgett

Scott Morgenthaler

Fred Napolitano

Ann Nusbaum

Maureen Nusbaum

Patty and Vincent Olivieri

Susan Pender and Dan Beck

Patrycja Plucinski

Ellis Pretlow and Jaeson Dandalides

Miranda and Troy Price

Suzanne and Joe Prueher

Suzanne Puryear and Mike Borysewicz

Allison and John Rachels

Robin and Richard Ray

Lyn Reid

Katherine and Jeff Richardson

Kristi and Eric Rosenfelt

Shikma and Danny Rubin

Pru and Louis Ryan

Kelsey and Jay Sarcone

Audrey Settle

Heather Sherwin

Anne and George Shipp

Marcy and Hunter Sims

Joan and Jim Spore

Kelly Stefanko

Carter and Justin Steil

Shana and Randy Stoker

Holly and Chris Toppng

Winship and Guy Tower

Linda and Steve Whitehead

Beth and Rolf Williams

Lynne Mallory Winter and Steve Winter

Susan and Dubby Wynne