Ways to Give

Give the way that works for you

Partner with the Hampton Roads Community Foundation for your charitable giving. You will find an option that suits you to a T.

Featured Fund

Dixon-Settle Fund for Women

John and Audrey Settle started the field-of-interest fund, paying tribute to Audrey's mother Eddythe Dixon, who worked with women's issues and ran a job training center in Detroit.

You can make a gift now or arrange for one later

  • Establish one of six types of endowed funds and give it a name and a purpose that suits you. Minimum opening amount is $25,000.
  • Arrange now to fund a charitable bequest after your lifetime. You can go ahead and select the fund name and its purpose (a scholarship, for specific causes or left flexible to meet future community challenges). Minimum amount for a named fund is $25,000.
  • Have less than $25,000 to donate? Our Community Funds are a great option. They welcome any size donation and put it to work helping nonprofits working on causes in our region. You can also donate any amount to our more than 500 existing charitable funds.

Join one of our giving groups:

  • Community Leadership Partners, a giving circle whose members pool resources to tackle specific causes in our region. Donation amount to join is $2,100 a year for people ages 50 and older, $1,000 for those 40-49, and $500 for those under 40.
  • Visionaries for Change, a passionate group of Black business and civic leaders who donate money to a pooled fund and leverage their donations to support charitable causes in the Black community in Hampton Roads. Members donate $5,000 annually at the platinum level, $3,000 at the gold level, $1,500 for couples, $1,000 for individuals at the silver level, and $500 for those 21-40.

Honor or remember a special person with a gift of any size to any existing fund. Support causes in Accomack or Northampton counties through our affiliate foundation, the Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation.

All gifts are tax deductible to the extent the law permits. And, you can donate the asset that serves you best, from cash to IRAs and other holdings.

Note: The Hampton Roads Community Foundation's gift acceptance policy is available by request by contacting Kay Stine at (757) 622-6951.

To help you we offer:

  • Free consultations with you and your attorney, accountant, or other professional advisor.
  • Charitable giving instruments, including ones that can give you a tax break now or income for the rest of your life
  • Membership in the Legacy Society of Hampton Roads if you arrange for a future gift.
  • A lasting legacy – in the form of an endowed fund – that will live on forever, doing good works in your name or that of the person you choose to honor.

In Memoriam

Memorial funds allow loved ones to be remembered and to live on through the causes and organizations that were important to them. To make a memorial contribution, simply click the name of the person you wish to honor.

Dr. Willcox Ruffin, Jr.

Jan Fine

Wanda Warthen-Akiyama

George Whitfield

Lois Strode

Sierra Jenkins

John Oliver "Dubby" Wynne

Ava Neumann

Memorial Funds

Please accept our condolences on the loss of your loved one. Memorial funds offer a heartfelt way to honor the memory of a cherished individual. We are happy to help you establish a memorial fund. All you need to do is let us know by calling Kay Stine at 757-622-7951 or emailing her at the link on this page.

We will assist you with the entire process. Should contributions meet the minimum balance required to establish a permanent fund, our Foundation will collaborate with the family to facilitate its creation. Contributions of less than the permanent fund threshold may be directed to an existing Foundation fund of the family’s preference.

If you'd like to explore these compassionate avenues further, we encourage you to connect with a staff member at the Foundation, who will be dedicated to assisting you through this process with care and understanding.

Versatile IRA Option

If you are 72, 73 or older, you have a special option for charitable giving -- donating Individual Retirement Account assets directly to charity. The Internal Revenue Service allows you to transfer any amount up to $105,000 a year without it counting as taxable income.

People who turned 72 after December 31, 2022 must begin taking the required minimum distribution by age 73. People who turned 72 before January 1, 2023, must begin taking the RMD by age 72.

At the Hampton Roads Community Foundation your IRA transfer lets you start or add to a permanent charitable fund. Choose from designated, field of interest, scholarship or unrestricted funds. (Note: For now, the Internal Revenue Service does not allow transfers to donor-advised funds.)

Another option is to consider making the community foundation a beneficiary of your IRA as part of your estate plans.

For instructions on transferring IRA assets, click here or contact Kay Stine, vice president for development, or Lynn Watson Neumann, general counsel and senior director of gift planning at (757) 622-7951.

Live forever by leaving a charitable bequest to help your favorite causes or nonprofits. Bequests and Future Giving