Information and Forms for Current Recipients

Scholarship rules and regulations

There are specific Scholarship Rules and Regulations to follow during the time you have a Hampton Roads Community Foundation scholarship.

They cover from the moment you are awarded a scholarship and end in the last year you are eligible for renewal of your scholarship.

Please start a file now for your Hampton Roads Community Foundation scholarship. Here are two documents to put in it:

1. A printed copy of our Scholarship Rules and Regulations.

2. A copy of your original award letter that you receive online. (Take a screen shot and print it out.)

Be sure to add to your file all other correspondence you receive from us related to your scholarship.

Scholarship renewal and reapplying

If you were awarded a renewable Hampton Roads Community Foundation scholarship, instructions will be mailed to you in April. Check out How to Renew for information and deadlines.

Please note:

If you currently receive a renewable, need-based scholarship from the Foundation, you may not apply for additional awards. Students typically do not receive more than one scholarship from the Foundation at one time.

Current recipients should only complete another application if (1) you are completing your undergraduate degree this spring and want to be considered for one of our graduate school scholarships to continue your education in the fall; (2) you have contacted the Foundation and received permission to apply for a specific scholarship for upperclassmen majoring in certain subjects, such as the Spigel Architecture Scholarship, Pat Howe Jr. Health Care Scholarship, or Semple Scholarship Loan; or (3) your current scholarship is merit-based or non-renewable and you would like to be considered for need-based, renewable scholarships.

Special requests

If you change your mind about which college to attend, plan to study abroad, need to take a leave of absence from school or defer your scholarship for some other reason, please let us know your situation.

The following forms should be used for special requests. Pay attention to the deadlines noted on the forms.

  • Scholarship Deferral Request - Use this form if you are a new recipient and wish to delay the start of your scholarship or you are a previous recipient who wants to take a year off and delay the renewal of your scholarship.
  • Mid-Year Transfer Request - Use this form if you have decided to transfer to a different school for the spring semester. The Foundation will request a refund of the spring portion of your scholarship and determine whether the funds can be reissued to your new school.
  • Study Abroad Request - Use this form to report plans to study abroad during the upcoming school year. The Foundation will determine whether your scholarship can be applied to your study abroad program.

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